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Executive Facilitation
that’s fun,
and insanely productive.

Helping leadership teams accomplish twice as much, in half the time.

Helping strategic leadership teams accomplish
twice as much,
in half the time

Facilitated experiences that are fun, creative, and insanely productive.

We are a strategic facilitation consultancy, empowered by creativity and fun.

We specialize in outcome-based workshops, off-sites, sprints and trainings — resulting in: 

  • Informed, clear, & timely decisions

  • Strategic alignment

  • Clear action plans

  • More creative and more innovative ideas

  • Stronger communication

  • Achieved goals

  • Efficient execution

  • Energized, engaged and motivated teams

  • Everyone running the same direction —
    and it's the RIGHT direction

  • A whole bunch of learning, growing,
    and improving along the way

  • Soulcrusher-free teams

Let's newsletter.

Every week, you'll get actionable tips on facilitating success, making your work more fun and exercising your creative thinking muscles. #CrushingTheSoulcrushers

Let's talk.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, we’d love to learn more about you.


Mostly, we’ll talk about you, your challenges, and your goals. Then a little bit about how Let’s Lightbulb can help you, your challenges, and your goals. And we’ll see if it’s a fit.

"Tim's influence extends beyond individual sessions, having played a pivotal role in our business transformation.


His expertise coupled with an innate ability to foster a sense of urgency and innovation, propelled significant cultural shifts and change within our organization."

Dan Phan 
Former Senior Consultant, Omnichannel Transformation
Let's Lightbulb was founded by Tim Leake, an executive facilitator — and former Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer and Creative Director.

As a company, Let's Lightbulb is relatively new.

But Tim's experience facilitating success for senior leadership teams is not.
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A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Focusing your team's brilliance


Most leadership teams are like the sun — blazing with brilliance, but radiating out in all sorts of different directions.

That's why, during leadership meetings, off-sites, or planning retreats, it often feels like the goals barely get a light sunburn. 


Let's Lightbulb facilitation is the magnifying glass that focuses the team's brilliance and talents — and together, we set those goals ablaze with success.

(And not for nothin', it's also a lot of fun.)

"I can confidently say that Tim is simply the most skilled and
effective facilitator for creative solution development and cross-functional workshopping that I've ever seen."

Mike Margolin 
Chief Experience Officer
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The place for leaders to reconnect with their creativity

According to CEOs, creativity is the most important leadership quality. According to LinkedIn, creativity is the most important skill in the world. And according to hiring managers, 94% prefer creative skills over conventional skills by more than 5 to 1.

Yet, the corporate world does little to help creative thinking bloom and thrive in organizations. In fact, some might say it slowly and methodically chokes the life essence out of it. 

Let's Lightbulb exists to help leaders reconnect with their creativity — so they can use it to unreasonably amplify results for themselves and their organizations.


We believe creativity is a super-power that can take careers to the next level. And it’s also really, really fun.

There are results. And there are results unreasonably amplified by creativity.

Think about where you want to take your career or organization’s goals next.

Create a breakthrough solution? Blow goals out of the water? Triple revenue? 10x your revenue? Become a thought leader? Catch the big client? Get your boss’ boss’ job? Revolutionize your company culture? Completely change the game? Turn your confidence up to 11?

Think you can get there by following “best practices” and doing the same things everyone else does?


If so, the odds aren’t in your favor. The way to get there is by thinking differently. By connecting the dots in ways that only you can. By seeing opportunities nobody else has yet uncovered.

It isn’t hard. In fact, building your creative muscles is a lot of fun. And you’ll be amazed how quickly new ideas and opportunities will start flowing.

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Let's newsletter.

Every week, you'll get actionable tips on facilitating success, making your work more fun and exercising your creative thinking muscles. #CrushingTheSoulcrushers

"Creativity is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors."

- Bill Bernbach

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