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The many, many benefits of supercharging your creativity.

We’re busy. You’re busy. Everybody’s busy.

We've designed Lightbulb to pack a lot of value in a short amount of time. But time is time. Why is it worth it for you?

Because there are so many benefits that you’ll get sick of reading this list.

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It's in-demand.

CEOs and Recruiters are hungry for people with strong Creative Muscles.

It makes work more fun.

Creativity sparks joy, promotes engagement, and fosters intrinsic motivation.

It turbo-charges problem-solving.

Creativity helps you uncover innovative solutions to complex issues.

It inspires and makes you inspiring.

Creativity transforms ordinary into extraordinary.

It makes you adaptable.

So you can successfully navigate in a rapidly changing world.

It brings joy.

There is true pleasure in creating solutions and making a difference. 

It increases your value.

Creative people can accomplish things mere mortals can't. It's a competitive advantage.

It makes you stand out.

Creativity propels originality, emphasizing your individuality.

It helps you see opportunities others don’t.

It's like a superpower — but instead of being see through walls, you can see possibilities.

It promotes comfort outside your comfort zone.

And everything about the fast-changing world of today will soon be outside your comfort zone.

It empowers constant improvement.

Creative reflection leads to insightful feedback and new ideas for future efforts.

It accelerates ambition.

Creative thinking opens paths to unexplored opportunities.

It grants first-mover advantages.

Innovative thinking helps you identify opportunities before your competition.

It strengthens communication skills.

Creative people can convey ideas in more engaging, memorable ways. 

It makes you more resilient.

Builds the strength to quickly bounce back from setbacks or failures.

It makes you a better collaborator.

Add more value. Be more open. Inspire others.

It’s a networking opportunity.

Lightbulb is a community of creative, driven, and quite friendly people.

It boosts confidence.

You'll gain self-assurance in your self and your ideas.

It unlocks a world of possibilities.

Imagine never feeling stuck again.

It magnifies motivation.

Let’s gooooooo!

If you work for someone that doesn’t find any of this valuable, you’re working for the wrong people.
(Even more true if you work for yourself.)

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