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How can I help?

With nearly three decades of experience creating solutions to challenging business problems, developing and executing breakthrough ideas, inspiring and facilitating creativity and innovation, and helping executives transform for the future... I can probably help with whatever your thing is. 

Book a free discovery call, and let's see how I can help you. 

Let's Lightbulb was founded by Tim Leake — a former ad agency leader, executive facilitator, innovation consultant, creative director and copywriter.

As a company, Let's Lightbulb is new.

But Tim's experience transforming leadership teams through workshops and keynote presentations is not.
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A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Let's newsletter.

Every week, you'll get fun and actionable tips on how to help you be-your-best-you and exercise your creative thinking muscles. #CrushingTheSoulcrushers

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