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Who's this "Tim Leake" guy anyway?

TL;DR version:

I have nearly 30 years of (um, diverse) experience working as an advertising creative, innovation facilitator, corporate trainer, ad agency leader and keynote speaker — and even when it was hard, it was fun.

Now I’m running my own company, which is also hard — but still fun. 

The slightly longer, more nuanced version:

I’ve got a unique (some might say “weird”) background of roles that merge creativity, business, innovation and training — and a key ingredient to my success along the way was making my work fun. So, I want to help other people tap into that power.

I got my start in the advertising industry, working for an amazing ad agency called Chiat/Day in its golden age. (We were agency of the year 3 of the 5 years I worked there.) But it was also a place with the well-earned nickname “Chiat/Day & Night” — because we worked stupid-long hours most of the time. I began as an assistant and later became a copywriter in the Creative department. I got to work with both the Energizer Bunny and the Taco Bell Chihuahua. And even when it sucked, I had fun.

Over the course of a few jobs, I worked my way up to a Creative Director position at Saatchi & Saatchi NY. I got to work with the likes of Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez and Brett Favre. (For my fellow non-sportsy friends, those are all big-deal football players.) Our clients were tough and their small budgets were tougher. But despite every challenge our team faced, I always had fun.

The world (and advertising industry) were changing rapidly, however — thanks to all things digital. I was lucky enough to get involved early-on with a Swedish school and executive training organization called Hyper Island — which helps individuals and organizations own their future and stay several steps ahead of the digital transformation curve. Some called it the “Digital Harvard.” For nearly ten years, I was a regular speaker in their “Master Classes for Executives” — and for two years, I worked with them full-time as a global partnership director. I got to work with intimidatingly-high-up execs at some massive brands. It was never easy, and I was traveling constantly — but it was so much fun.

One of my Hyper Island clients was a large independent advertising agency in Santa Monica called RPA. They recruited me to join their executive team, leading Marketing, Business Development and Innovation for the agency. In my time there, we nearly doubled our headcount, won a lot of big-name clients, and I got to work with some of the nicest people in the industry — though it was never easy. Agency New Business is not for the weak-of-heart or lovers-of-compliments. But I always had fun.

Along the way, I’ve been a frequent speaker at international events including the Cannes Festival of Creativity (France), Hyper Island (Sweden), CPH Transform (Copenhagen), Dani Komunikacija (Croatia), AToMiC (Canada), Advertising Week (USA), SXSW (the country of Texas), and more.

Now, with Let’s Lightbulb, I’m running a company of my own. It’s stressful, often overwhelming, and there’s way too much for one person to do. But I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

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A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Let's Lightbulb was founded by Tim Leake — a former ad agency leader, innovation consultant, creative director and copywriter.

As a company, Let's Lightbulb is new.

But Tim's experience transforming leadership teams through workshops and keynote presentations is not.
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