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Our mission is to make Lightbulb the most fun you’ve ever had growing your career.

We believe passionately that people with strong Creative Thinking skills are going to own the future — and people addicted to the siren song of mediocrity and status quo will find themselves left in the dust.

Throughout our own lives and careers, the thing that’s given us a competitive advantage is Creativity. The thing that’s made every single role or opportunity more fun and engaging is Creativity.

To help people build strength around this skill is valuable, rewarding and meaningful. We believe it will make a massive difference in the lives of our members, and our team is uniquely skilled and passionate about delivering it. 

There are so many people desperate to build a stronger connection to Creativity in their lives and careers — and a "painting class" on the weekend (while fantastic, don’t get us wrong, we love painting) isn’t quite doing it.

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CEOs have identified Creativity as THE most important leadership quality.

Yet, frustratingly, too many people find themselves in environments where they aren’t able to regularly flex their Creative skills. They aren't given the opportunity. They aren't trained or mentored or encouraged. They're told lies about how Creative they truly are, and how Creative they're allowed to be. 


Worst of all, the person spreading these lies is usually themselves. 


Sure, some people are gifted when it comes to Creative Thinking. Just like some people are gifted when it comes to basketball or public speaking or violin or understanding the stock market. The only way to get better at something is to do it more often. 

We see an opportunity to help anyone who wants to build their Creative superpowers. To give them an advantage in career and life. Even more importantly, to have FUN.

PS - You probably noticed we always capitalize the words Creative and Creativity — because we believe it’s too important not to.

(And rules like “what’s a real proper noun” were made to be broken.)

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