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Making work fun again

A self-empowering and pollyanna-free approach

This hands-on learning experience helps people find the fun in their actual work — not just their workplace — by crushing the soulcrushers that get in the way.

A full or half-day workshop, with 90-minute follow-up. In-person or Remote.

We spend a lot of time and energy at work — shouldn't we enjoy it?

Why are video games usually considered fun, even though they’re hard and challenging — yet work is usually NOT considered fun, because it’s hard and challenging?

Turns out, there’s a lot in common between the things we find fun and this other thing called “work” that we spend most of our lives doing and get paid well for in return. When we find the fun in our work, huge benefits await.

Importantly, this workshop focuses on “Making Work Fun” — not just “Having Fun At Work.” Because those are two very different things.

The latter implies that work is a PLACE and people can have fun while they’re there.

The former implies that work is an ACTIVITY and people can make the process of that activity more fun. This is even more valuable to people, their careers and their companies' bottom-line.

How to know if this workshop is for you:


Otherwise great talent seems disengaged and they’re letting small issues get in the way of attacking big challenges.


Your once-strong company culture is having a hard time adjusting to a more remote (or hybrid) workforce.


Energy is low. Apathy is high. And complaining is becoming the team’s favorite bonding activity.

Key Outcomes

✔︎  Increased productivity

Happy employees are 12% more productive, and businesses with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%. (

✔︎  Stronger company culture, remote-work or not

Culture isn’t about perks or ping-pong tables — it’s about how people bring themselves to their work and their colleagues.

✔︎  Happier, more engaged team members

They get more done, do it better, and inspire others to do the same. They complain less and care more.

✔︎  Higher retention rates

Satisfied people stick around. And they attract smart people who want to feel that way, too.

✔︎  A more confident, more empowered team

By empowering individuals to find their fun themselves, they’ll also feel empowered to make great things happen.

✔︎  A team powered by intrinsic motivation

When the work itself becomes rewarding, there is less need for external incentives.

✔︎  A virtuous cycle of energy and positivity

When a team makes their work more fun, they make everything around them better, which makes it even easier to have fun, which makes everything else even better again.

Key Topics
  • How “soulcrushers” at work are getting in the way of fun, and how to crush them

  • The difference between fun-perks and fun-work

  • How to adopt, nurture and maintain a fun work mindset

  • Why applying “fun perfume” isn’t enough

  • The difference between “being fun” and “having fun” — and why it matters

  • How to leverage levity

  • How to give stress a hug, rather than fight with it

  • The superpower of curiosity

  • Why “purpose” can backfire — and how to prevent it

  • How to kick-start flow states

  • How to build stronger, more creative, and more supportive teams

  • How to wield forgiveness like a weapon

  • How to implement a funtervention

  • Why “work” and “fun” are not opposites

What To Expect
  • A learning experience — not just lecture

  • A full-day or half-day immersion

  • Learning by doing

  • An approach customized to your team, your needs and your goals

  • High-energy, fast-moving, and challenging — but lots of fun

  • A 90-minute follow-up for teams to demonstrate their improved skills on an upcoming presentation

Meet your instructor

Tim Leake

Founder & CEO of Lightbulb, the place for leaders to reconnect with their creativity — in order to turbo-charge their careers and drive results for their company and clients.

Tim has leveraged creativity to solve business problems for over 25 years. As a copywriter and creative director, he sold breakthrough, effective and award-winning work — often to very tough and challenging clients.


As an innovation consultant and trainer, he helped senior leadership teams at major brands and agencies transform their skills and business offerings to thrive in a constantly changing world.


And as part of an agency executive team, he helped lead new business wins that grew the agency from 370 to over 750 people.


A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Lightbulb, as company, is new.

But Tim's experience transforming leadership teams through workshops and keynote presentations is not.
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