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Sharing WHY Your Idea Is, Not WHAT Your Idea Is

Presentation Strategy and Skills for Creative Teams

A hands-on learning experience for agency or in-house creative teams who want to sell better ideas, in fewer rounds — resulting in happier clients along the way.

A full or half-day workshop, with 90-minute follow-up. In-person or Remote.

It’s time to get creative about presenting creative.

Your team puts so much blood, sweat and tears into ideas that you’re confident will break through and blow away your clients’ KPI goals — aaaaaand then they don’t buy them.

Often, it’s NOT because the work wasn’t great, wasn’t right or wouldn’t be effective. The ideas simply weren't presented in a way where the clients could clearly grasp their greatness.

How to know if this workshop is for you:


Your team is bringing great thinking and ideas that will break through and drive results — but the clients aren’t buying.


It takes round after round of creative presentations before finally selling a campaign — and it’s never one the team was most excited about.


Every stage of the new business pitch goes great — then another agency wins because the clients liked their idea a little better.

Key Outcomes

✔︎  You’ll have more confident teams

Confidence is a powerful influencer. Clients are looking for partners who are passionate and radiate belief in the solutions they share.

✔︎  You’ll see more engaged and enthusiastic clients

Your team will share concepts in ways that are music to clients’ ears, without getting bogged down in executional details they can’t visualize.

✔︎  You’ll sell better ideas, sooner

And the secondary benefits to this are massive: Higher team morale. Lower burnout. Talent attraction and retention. A stronger agency reputation. Less crazy burn reports.

✔︎  You’ll develop more trustworthy relationships

When clients know you have their best interests in mind, and they regularly approve ideas quickly, trust in the agency goes up — which leads to even better things.

✔︎  You’ll practice clearer, more captivating storytelling

Your teams will be able to leverage stories, narratives and anecdotes to their full, persuasive potential — helping bring simplicity and clarity to complex challenges.

✔︎  You’ll build better client “chemistry”

Your team will strengthen all the key areas that influence the elusive and usually-poorly-defined — yet vital — feeling of “chemistry” clients crave.

✔︎  You’ll win more pitches

The difference between a win and a loss often comes down to shades of gray. Every agency is good. Many are great. To win, you have to be better.

Key Topics
  • How to present the WHY of the work, not just the WHAT

  • How to make clients “see their fingerprints” in your ideas, so they love them more

  • How leaving OUT creative details helps sell more ideas

  • How to nail the 3Cs of idea presentations: Confident, Clear, Compelling

  • How to get clients more excited about what you’ll share, in advance

  • How to create a strategy — and creative brief — for your presentation

  • How active listening gives your team a competitive advantage

  • How to turn small yeses along the way into a big yes in the end

  • How to prevent Powerpoint from dictating your presentation

  • How to make rehearsals more fun (and less soulcrushingly awkward)

What To Expect
  • A learning experience — not just lecture

  • A full-day or half-day immersion

  • Learning by doing

  • An approach customized to your team, your needs and your goals

  • High-energy, fast-moving, and challenging — but lots of fun

  • A 90-minute follow-up for teams to demonstrate their improved skills on an upcoming presentation

Meet your instructor

Tim Leake

Founder & CEO of Lightbulb, the place for leaders to reconnect with their creativity — in order to turbo-charge their careers and drive results for their company and clients.

Tim has leveraged creativity to solve business problems for over 25 years. As a copywriter and creative director, he sold breakthrough, effective and award-winning work — often to very tough and challenging clients.


As an innovation consultant and trainer, he helped senior leadership teams at major brands and agencies transform their skills and business offerings to thrive in a constantly changing world.


And as part of an agency executive team, he helped lead new business wins that grew the agency from 370 to over 750 people.


A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Lightbulb, as company, is new.

But Tim's experience transforming leadership teams through workshops and keynote presentations is not.
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