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Breaking OUT
of the advertising industry

And replacing your income with a company of your own.


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Watch this video for a preview of what to expect.

Whether you’re feeling over the advertising industry, or feel like the industry is over you — you can regain control of your life, career and self-worth. This webinar will demystify how to create a company of your own that is optimized to replace (or exceed) your advertising salary. And it’s specifically for ad peeps — taking advantage of the talents, skills, and experience your career in advertising has given you.

You'll learn how to take the same process we use to create ad campaigns, but use it to create a successful company instead.

Considering that agencies exist to help their clients drive business, its ironic that most people who work in agencies are kept in the dark about how to actually start and run a business. But it’s simpler to do and easier to succeed than you think. Much easier, in fact, than finding a good job in the industry as you get older.

How to know if this webinar is for you:


Advertising doesn’t feel as fun and rewarding as it used to — and you want to use your talents somewhere else.


You want your next move to be a big step up, but aren’t getting the opportunities you want.


You’re tired of begging for work on LinkedIn and getting ghosted by recruiters.


You've always wanted to start something of your own — but lacked confidence that it would be successful.

What you'll learn

How the same process for creating successful ad campaigns can be used to create a successful company instead.

This approach makes it easy for agency folks to adjust to the entrepreneurial mindset — AND sets your business up to thrive.

How to use this approach to create the lifestyle you want

I know, I know — you’ll really miss working multiple weekends on new business pitches for a clients you don’t even want.

How to decide what kind of company to create

And if you don’t know what you want to start yet — that’s the BEST possible place to be.

The five traits that stack your company’s odds in its favor

There are all kinds of businesses you could create. But we want to make sure you're focusing your energy on the kinds most likely to be successful. 

How to get to profitability, while conserving your time and money

Time and money are your most valuable resources. Be super smart how you invest them.

Three approaches to getting out of your own way

Fear can be paralyzing, which only slows things down. These techniques help shove fear to the side, so you can keep moving forward.

Why right now is the best time ever for this approach

This would have been much harder ten years ago. New technology and resources have changed the game.

PLUS two valuable giveaways to help kickstart your journey


Meet your instructor

Tim Leake

Tim has leveraged creativity to solve business problems for over 25 years.

He’s created award-winning campaigns as a copywriter and creative director. He’s helped brands and agencies reinvent and transform as a consultant and trainer. And he’s been part of an agency executive team, where he got to know the business behind the business. He’s also spoken multiple times at the Cannes Lions, SXSW, TEDx and on many other industry stages.

He’s advised several companies, and started several of his own — most recently launching Let's Lightbulb, a training and coaching platform to help leaders to reconnect with their creativity.


A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Let's Lightbulb, as company, is new.

But Tim's experience transforming leadership teams through workshops and keynote presentations is not.
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