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What we mean when we talk about Creativity

There’s a reason we’re called Let's Lightbulb and not, say, Let's Paintbrush or Easel or Adult Coloring Book.

When we talk about Creativity, we’re talking mostly about ideas. And even more specifically, ideas that help solve problems.

See, people often confuse “Craft” and “Creativity.” They’re related, for sure. But they aren’t the same thing.

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“Craft” is the act of making something that requires a particular set of learned skills — like painting, graphic design, writing, pottery, furniture design or underwater basket-weaving.


People can get very good at their craft, and still not apply much creativity to it. I think we’ve all seen a lot of mediocre, yet well-executed landscape paintings, right?

"Creativity" is the process of unlocking valuable new ideas and solutions. Sometimes those new ideas take the form of a painting. Sometimes they take the form of a business initiative.

There’s plenty of Creativity that has nothing to do with Craft. And plenty of Craft that has nothing to do with Creativity.

One thing that really makes our filaments burn hot is when people feel intimated to be Creative, or believe they aren’t Creative, simply because they don’t have an associated Craft.

You can be as Creative as you want to be. As long as you're willing to do the work to build that skill.

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