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For a decade, Tim was part of the executive leadership team of a large advertising agency.

And he thought it was hard to explain to his parents what he did then.

Well, try explaining executive facilitation. 

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Let's Lightbulb
helps leadership
teams accomplish
twice as much,
in half the time. 

We do this via ⇨

  • Structured discussions

  • Exercises

  • Proven frameworks

  • Urgency

  • Energy

  • Novelty

  • Fun

  • And a healthy reliance on sticky-notes & countdown timers

We specialize in working with leadership teams at creative companies.


How do I know if my company is a creative company?


It’s mostly a mindset, to be honest. 

Is creative thinking important to you? Then you’re a creative company.

Most meetings suck

But when leadership meetings suck, it’s even worse.

  • Their attention is already too fractured

  • Their time is too valuable

  • Their decisions are too important

  • These meetings impact everyone else in the company 

are unique

Tim has nearly two decades of experience facilitating executive leaders at major brands — and spent a decade as part of a executive leadership team himself.


Leaders have little patience for fluff, faffing, or flim-flam.


They want to move fast, but as a result often move slow.


Because leaders aren’t great at leading each other without structure.


An executive facilitator is a servant leader — there to serve the group without letting any agenda, opinion, or ego get in the way.

Lightbulb Character

It's easier to show you how we work than talk about it.

Let's do a one-hour offsite and see what you and your team think.

Our goal is to blow your team away with how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time.

These sessions are done via Zoom, and you can choose your focus for the session:

Alignment Accelerator

Get your entire leadership team on the same page about priorities, goals, and how to get there.

What's-next Workshop

Let’s look into the future of your business — specifically the next 1 - 5 years and what it means.

Outcome Party

YOU choose a challenge your team needs to address — and we’ll go deep on creating solutions.

It’s not a sales meeting. Your team will be working hard on topics important to your business.
Will we solve everything in an hour? Of course not. But I’ve designed it to pack a bunch of value and leave your team impressed. We figure — if you don’t like this, you won’t use us for anything else.

What's best?

  • By all means, plan a retreat if you can. It's the best option.

  • But don’t wait for the scheduling-stars to align in order to make progress.

  • Shorter meetings, once a week, over many weeks, can also add up to big results.

  • Taking action is better than over-thinking.

Usually a few hours, max
Usually a half-day or full-day
Several days, someplace very special
Virtual or in-person
Usually in-person
Always in-person
Very easy to make happen
Harder to make happen
Like pulling teeth to align schedules
Let's Lightbulb was founded by Tim Leake, an executive facilitator — and former Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer and Creative Director.

As a company, Let's Lightbulb is relatively new.

But Tim's experience facilitating success for senior leadership teams is not.
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A few of the global events where Tim has inspired audiences and sparked creative thinking in business leaders.

Let's newsletter.

Every week, you'll get fun and actionable tips on how to help you be-your-best-you and exercise your creative thinking muscles. #CrushingTheSoulcrushers

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